Puteaux City (Franch) Council Street Light Trials Stage 2,
Part 2 – Report


Puteaux City (France) Council Street Light Trials Stage 2,
art 2 – Report



This report by Lumos Energy Ltd (“LE”) is on streetlight trials for the City Council of Puteaux (west of Paris) – stage 2, phase 2. The 1st report highlighted the successful results of the 1st trial – 2 induction lights in rue Montaigne, Puteaux. The second stage, part 1 highlighted the successful installation of 2 x 150W fixtures in rue Tilleuls. From these two successful trials, the city council has asked Lumos Energy Ltd to run a bigger trial – the whole street of rue Pasteur. This trial comprises 4 x 150W + 6 x 80W retrofit kits. These kits integrated in to the existing “Parvis” style street lights.  

This report provides results of the preliminary measurements.


II.Site Information
This section describes the general information about avenue de Tilleuls.

Looking at the above drawing, the lights start at the bottom of rue Pasteur and are on the right hand side of the street, i.e. the Eastern side. The lights were placed as follows –

10 street lights 1st street light at number 1 rue Pasteur Order was as follows:
- 150W Induction
- 80W Induction
- 150W Induction
- 80W Induction
- 150W Induction
- 80W Induction
- 150W Induction
- 80W Induction
- 80W Induction
- 80W Induction
- 150W HPS rest of street…

III. Installaation
This section describes in detail the installation of the pilot project. It shows thee 3 stages, i.e.
1.Removal off 10 existing 150W HPS lights
2.Assembling of the 10 induction light kits (4 x 150W + 6 x 80W)
3.Installation of the 10 induction lightt kits

IV. Measurrementss


Light Quality Comparison

Rue Pasteur opposite water storage ‐ BEFORE

Rue Passteur opposite water storage ‐ AFTEER


1.For a 15% reduction in lux level we have a 48% reduction in energy usage.
2.The street is over lit.
3.Excellent feedback from the people living in the street.

Acquisition cost = 200Euro/light
Relamping Savings = 90Euros/year/light
Energy Savings = 38Euros/year/light

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