City of Puteaux (France) Trial


City of Puteaux France Trial

This report provides preliminary information of the trials underway at the French city council of Puteaux – is one of the richest & most innovated city councils in France. It is in the west of Paris next to the commercial centre called La Defense. Customised retrofit kits were created to fit in to existing streetlight fixtures shown below. 

Figure 1.Existing street light 
The existing street lights are O sram/Philipss 250W HPS installed in to cast tradit tional looking street lightt fixtures made by a French company called “LA Fonderiee de Paris”. Green Globe Europe (“GGE”) was given the opportunity to install 2 induction lightss in a test street. In the same street is an existing sodium HPS & a LED unit provided by Thorn. 
The trial is an on-going process instigated by the city council to test all technologies before deciding on which lights to use in the next relamping cycle programmed to start in 2010. The relamping cycle is every 2 years to replace the HPS units. The contractor that runs & maintains the street lights is called ETDE and will bee the ones responsible fo re buying & installing the street lights once the city council has chosen the technology and supplier. 
The project will then go out to tender. GGE is working closely with the city council & ETDE to maximise our chances of winnning the bid. It is estimated that there are about 4700 lights to replace. We will needd to make a retrofit kit that fits in perfectly into existing street light fitings. 
It mustt be noted thhat even though the lights are the same design, there seem to be at least 2 different suppliers with slightly different dimensions in the “top hat” part of the fixture. 
The client has expressed interest in having intelligent lights that will change int tensity depennding on movemment and/or traffic. 
They also want to reduce energy consumption by a minnimum of 30%.

Existing street light Taking down the existing street light fiting for retrofit Existing HPS street light ‐daylight & on
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