Hsinchu City (Taiwan) Streetlight Replacement Case Study:
Eighteen Peaks Mountain Park


Hsinchu City Streetlight Replacement Case Study:
Eighteen Peaks Mountain Park

This report illustrates the streetlight replacement project implemented by the Hsinchu City Government in June 2010. Located in the outskirts of Hsinchu City, Eighteen Peaks Mountain Park has tremendous diversity in flowers, plants and wildlife, and is one of the most favorite hiking destinations for the local residents and tourists alike. The popular annual Hsinchu Flower Festival is held here every March.

The existing streetlights on this 8-mile stretch of winding trail are Osram’s 150W HPS luminaries. AMKO SOLARA was engaged by the Hsinchu City Tourism Bureau to replace 117 units of HPS luminaries with the same number of AMKO induction lamps.

Project objectives:
• Decrease energy consumption
• Improve visual acuity & safety through enhanced illumination
• Lower maintenance costs

Before & After Comparisons:
Table 1: Total System Wattage and Lux Readings


Streetlight Type

Total System Wattage

Directly Underneath
<Pole Height=7m>

Halfway between Streetlights
<Distance between Poles=20m>

150W SON Osram
35 lux
6 lux

100W IND 
AMKO #AF9-422

39 lux
4 lux


Table 2: Color Temperature & CRI

Color temperature
Before: 150W SON
After: 100W IND

Figure 1: (After) 100W Induction

Figure 2: (Before) 150W SON

Figure 3: (After) 100W Induction

The AMKO SOLARA induction solution has outperformed the existing HPS luminaries in all critical parameters – power consumption, lux readings, and CRI. The next phase is to install AMKO’s smart streetlight monitoring solution to further enhance capabilities, flexibility, and performance. The Hsinchu City Tourism Bureau continues to work with AMKO on expanding this successful streetlight replacement program to additional locations in the city.

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