Amko Announced the Pilot Installation of Smart Induction Street Lighting Solution in the City of Battambang, Cambodia.
Pilot serves as feasibility study to province-wide deployment.


TAIPEI, Taiwan, November 6, 2013 – Amko Solara today announced the pilot installation of intelligent induction street lighting management system in the City of Battambang, Cambodia.
32 induction street light fixtures are installed along National highway 5. This is an important private/public collaboration as smart street lighting serves as an integral part of the foundation for building a sustainable Smart City.

Amko’s Smart Street Lighting Solution transforms streetlights into intelligent, energy-efficient, managed networks that deliver dependable lighting, enhanced by additional savings in maintenance and operating cost.    While adhering to current regulations on roadway lighting, Amko’s induction solution achieves higher performance in lighting quality and color rendering – hence creating a safer environment for both motorists and pedestrians, and unlocks more human values for the citizens proudly living in a green, ecological and responsible community.

The pilot serves as technical and business feasibility study to potential investment in municipality-wide deployment by Amko’s investment arm, CMNG Capital.  With controllable street lights, Battambang Province will be able to cut energy costs by approximately 30% and carbon emissions by 164 tonnes per year -- total annual saving of nearly US$100 per lamp.  The use of the control system to set dimming schedules based on weather and traffic patterns delivers up to additional 15% in savings. Additionally, networked lamps are managed from a centralized location so that failures can be identified and responded to quickly, thereby increasing public safety while reducing maintenance costs.

Other benefits include improving Induction lighting life expectancy and reducing light pollution. A better lit street promotes commerce activities, deter crime, and enhance the overall quality of life for local citizens. 

“Amko’s mission is to empower Battambang Province with the best available technologies that enable extensive control to strategically and tactically manage its street light infrastructure and energy consumption, “said Michael Ng, CEO of Amko Solara.  “We look forward to larger-scale roll-outs across provinces over the next few years.”

The Amko induction solution is future-proof – this scalable platform allows user full flexibility in replacements or upgrades.  The long term technology risk is minimized through standardized components and the system’s open-source nature.  The data-enabled network, built-in smart meters, and the dimmable feature uncover greater transparency and flexibility on energy usage, hence validating the long term investment value proposition (economic, social, & environmental) in street light infrastructure.

About Amko Solara
Amko Solara Lighting Co., Ltd. provides energy-efficient lighting and integrated energy management control systems to commercial, industrial, and government municipality clients.  Led by innovation and a focus on building core competitive advantage through partnerships with Echelon Corp in next generation technology, Amko’s smart lighting solution transforms luminaires into intelligent, energy-efficient, managed networks that deliver dependable lighting, enhanced by additional savings in maintenance and operating cost, thus creating transparency and flexibility in operations management.

About CMNG Capital
CMNG Capital is a financial vehicle that delivers energy efficiency street light solutions to Municipalities in Latin America and Southeast Asia. Specifically, the Fund focuses on investment opportunities in projects structured as Energy Performance Contracts (“EPCs”), backed by mature reliable induction street lighting technology supplied by the fund’s sponsor Amko Solara.  Facilitated by EPCs, the electricity savings generated by the Project are used to repay the Fund’s initial invested capital, and surplus savings are allocated between the Fund and the government entity client that is the counterparty to the EPCs for a period of 10 years.



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