The SOLARA ILS (Induction Lighting System) Platform is about sustainability by design. 

While there are just a handful of manufacturers producing induction lighting in the world, it is imperative that we establish a balanced and fair standard that will help promote the adaptation of induction lighting into the dominant role of next generation outdoor lighting.  Similar to SSLs, induction lighting holds great promise to revolutionize lighting because of their inherent benefits of energy efficiency, light quality, longevity and adaptability.

ILS is established for the purpose of defining stable design platforms for luminaire makers by standardization of dimensions and interfaces.  This will prevent the fragmentation of incompatible bulbs and ballasts, enabling second source supply of induction lighting components, and stimulate market growth by foster competition.  ILS will also reduce the overall development cost of lighting applications as well as creating confidence in the market.


The ILS bulb and ballast designs make it possible for manufacturers to supply a light bulb or ballast during many years while being free to improve internals of the bulb and ballast.


Stable interfaces – Rapid innovation

∙ ILS will standardize only what is necessary to enable the interchangeability of induction lighting components from different manufacturers or of different light component versions of the same supplier

 As a result the design freedom inside the lighting  components and in the luminaires is maximized.

∙ ILS promotes the continued rapid innovation in induction lighting technology inside the light bulb, ballast and reflector.


A family of standards

∙ ILS will standardize interfaces of many different induction lighting components

                 Different applications need different components

                 Advancement in induction lighting technology expected to gradually enable smaller light bulbs with the same lumen output and smaller ballasts

 Connectors, control interfaces, photometric interfaces, and other interfaces will be reused across induction lighting standards.

                 Arbitrary variations will be avoided.

                 Existing standards will be used whenever possible (DALI, for example, or the 0-10V dimming control)

 Where practically possible, the choice of interface variants will be based on components that are already on the market


Certification, Compliance, Logo and Fees

∙ ILS will establish methods for certifying that:

                – induction lighting components comply with the standard

                 complementary components comply with the standard

 Only certified products are allowed to carry the ILS logo and name of the standard

∙ Certification will be done by independent test labs

∙ ILS members pay an annual membership fee

                 Membership fees are used for the organization of meetings, publicity, promotion of the standard and to monitor certification

 Members participating in standardization activities carry their own costs (travel, salary cost, prototyping, measurements etc.)


ILS is an industry wide cooperation between induction bulb, ballast and fixture manufacturers.  ILS is an global cooperation of companies from all regions and will set global standards. ILS will offer the finished standards to an SDO (Standard Development Organization), such as IEC, for formal standardization.


The SOLARA ILS immediate priorities include:


l  Liaising with stakeholders, including governments and international organizations, to ensure that the quality of LED products provide consumers with a good experience - this will include proposing performance requirements attuned to the needs of different markets.


l  Assisting with international standards development and encouraging the harmonization of standards in different regions of the world.


Producing educational material on solid state lighting, including the development of best practice guides and a guide to solid state lighting nomenclature.

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