Why we should use induction lamps?


Why we should use induction lamps?
By Emman Cena
Philippine Daily Inquirer
Posted date: October 16, 2010

MANILA, Philippines — In a study by American company JP Morgan Chase, the Philippines was found to have the highest electricity cost in Asia overtaking First-World Japan. The finding should be a cause for worry, especially when power rates aren’t too wallet-friendly for most of us power consumers.

As such, companies and government agencies have employed technologies to cut down on operational costs including the use of lighting systems such as light-emitting diode (LED) lights and metal halides.

In line with these efforts, Electro Systems unveiled last week a revolutionary lighting solution that is proven to be 50 percent more efficient than traditional lamps and cuts energy costs to at least 50 percent.

With the introduction of the Amko Solara induction lighting system, companies and households could now seek redress in their ballooning energy consumption.

13 times more efficient

In his presentation to members of the media, Electro Systems Chair Wellington Soong said the Amko Solara induction lamps are 13 times more efficient than traditional incandescent light bulbs and its efficiency doubled compared with the compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs).

While the initial capital outlay or cash-out is eight times more expensive than LED (light-emitting diodes), the induction lamps are five times more efficient. In this pattern, induction lamps will only need to be replaced only once after 11 years of 24/7 usage (or 25 years if used 10 hours a day).

Soong explained that traditional lamps like fluorescents, CFLs and incandescent lamps will have to be replaced one or two times in a year. Using induction lamps would prove to be more cost-efficient in the long run, he said. Users can also expect a 30 percent reduction in capital and operating costs due to a lesser number of units required.

This revolutionary lighting system is ideal for use in structures with high ceilings like warehouses, industrial buildings, cafeterias and gymnasiums. Amko Solara lamps are also perfect for signages, tunnels, bridges, roadways and outdoor areas like parking garages.

Induction lighting combines the basic principles of induction or power transfer and gas discharge to generate light. But unlike traditional lamps, induction lamps do not use electrodes or filaments, the part of the bulb responsible for exciting the gas fill, and which, over time, burns out with usage. Instead, these induction lamps use high-frequency generator.

Without electrodes, these lamps are more reliable in high vibration and gusty applications. Its durability has been proven in bridges and tunnels in some parts of the world.

Low-energy consumption

Due to its low-energy consumption compared with CFLs and LEDs, induction lamps are also suitable for use with renewable energy sources such as solar panels and wind turbines. They are also recommended in places with extremely cold temperatures.

Electo Systems’ induction lamps are also green-certified. The Amko Solara induction lighting system was recently awarded the Green l Label by the Green Council of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region for being one of the most environment-friendly lighting technologies in the world.

The good thing about these induction lamps is that they are dimmable and can be integrated with intelligent building control systems to customize different dim settings in the mornings and at night, adding to energy savings. Switching the lamps on and off also does not give lag time. Metal halide lamps, for example, will require a cooling period of at least two minutes to return to its original state before restarting.

Soong also told the media that the company seeks to build a name in providing an alternative energy-efficient solution. Efforts are also underway to forge partnership with a number of private companies and government agencies like the Department of Energy and the Manila Electric Co. for street-lighting projects.

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