Amko SOLARA Induction Streetlight Luminaire Receives International Dark Sky Seal of Approval


Aug 24, 2011 – Amko SOLARA Lighting Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of energy efficient lighting products, announces that SOLARA Induction Streetlight has qualified for the International Dark Sky Association (IDA) Dark Sky Seal of Approval. As the first dark sky friendly luminaire certifying program, the Fixture Seal of Approval is the most trusted name in dark sky friendly lighting options. It eliminates consumer guesswork by providing a credible and reliable reference source for the wide range of fixtures and luminaires available on the market today. 

The mission of the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) is to preserve and protect the nighttime environment and our heritage of dark skies through environmentally responsible outdoor lighting. “A dark-sky friendly retrofit for the dusk-till-dawn ‘glare bomb’ is a wonderful thing,” said IDA Managing Director, Pete Strasser. IDA analyzes the Upward Light Output Ratio (ULOR) of a luminaire to determine how much upward flux the fixture produces. This is completed through photometric analysis and state-of-the-art software at the IDA testing facility. IDA maintains a list of approved fixtures and manufacturers on its website, drawing thousands of visits from businesses, homeowners, and developers searching for dark sky friendly lighting solutions for their buildings. 

Light pollution is defined as excessive and inappropriate artificial light. Light trespass, light falling where it is not intended, wanted, or need, and glare contribute to light pollution. Mercury Vapor (MV) and High Pressure Sodium (HPS) bulbs emit light in a globe and above 90° where the light becomes glare and ceases to contribute to lighting the task area on the ground. “Light scattered into the sky is wasted light. Wasted light is wasted energy,” said Michael Ng, CEO of Amko SOLARA. SOLARA Induction Streetlight Luminaire was specifically developed to be energy efficient and dark-sky friendly alternative to outdoor MV or HPS lighting. 

“This approval today demonstrates our continued focus and commitment to bring the best lighting product to our customers who believed in us and supported the induction lighting movement. Looking ahead to the second half of 2011, we expect to garner more momentum and progress in the area of street lighting and smart grid enabled lighting.” Said Ng 

*About International Dark Sky Association 

The International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) seeks to preserve dark skies worldwide for the benefit of society by promoting good outdoor lighting practices and educating the public on the rewards of preserving the stars. Light pollution is an increasing problem, threatening astronomical facilities, ecologically sensitive habitats, and our energy consumption. IDA was founded in 1988, by Dr. David L. Crawford and colleague Dr. Tim Hunter, to address the growing problem of light pollution. 

*About Amko SOLARA Lighting Co., Ltd. 

Amko SOLARA Lighting Co., Ltd. has been serving in the energy-efficient lighting space since 2005 as one of the leading businesses promoting induction lighting, LED, and smart control systems. The main features of SOLARA Induction Lighting are long service life to 100,000 hours (twice longer than LEDs), high lumen maintenance, and high color rending index. Those advantages of energy-saving and efficiency lighting offer the best choice to industry and commerce. Amko product categories include street lighting, tunnel lighting, high/low bay lighting, garage lighting, indoor lighting, architecture lighting, and flood lighting. The SOLARA smart control & monitoring system fully integrates induction lamps with additional energy-saving functions such as dimming, photocell, and infrared sensor. This system can be customized for both indoor and outdoor application. It offers smart energy management, equipment monitoring, and maintenance detection in one integrated turnkey solution to easily achieve the objectives of reducing energy consumption, operating costs, and CO2 emissions. 

For more information, please visit International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) 

Link to Amko’s Fixture Seal of Approval from International Dark-Sky Association 

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