Commencement of Street Lighting Replacement Project
(City of Linares, Nuevo León, Mexico)


As part of one of the most important commitments of the administration of Mayor of Linares (Nuevo Leon, Mexico), Francisco Medina Quintanilla, to reduce the costs generated by energy consumption of public streetlights, today Mayor Medina Quintanilla announced the official commencement of the street lighting replacement program.

The event was headed by the Mayor, accompanied by the Director of Primary Services, Aaron Garza García, who explained the project as the modernization of streetlights for the municipality.

"In this project we will replace more than 6,000 luminaries for the City Center and towns of Linares to realize considerable savings in energy expenditure.”

Mayor Medina Quintanilla also thanked members of the local municipal council, whose support for the project was instrumental in bringing great benefits for the municipality.

"I want to thank your contribution and approval to carry out this ambitious project to modernize public street lights by replacing them with energy-efficient luminaires. This project will bring considerable savings for the municipality." said the Mayor.

Mayor Medina Quintanilla explained that financial resources for this project came from Bank Santander, Inter-American Development Bank, and Celsol S.A. de C.V (Optima Energía).

This project, an investment of MXN$87 million, will reduce by 3,483 tons of CO2 emissions per year, a metric that will be verified by relevant international bodies. Furthermore, the unique financing arrangement (project fully paid for by savings realized after installation) was a key determining factor in gaining the City’s approval.

This project helps Linares government save USD6.8 million in 10 years. Compared with prior lamps, it saves 78% and 7,700 tons of CO2 saved over 10 years.

Amko SOLARA is the supplier of Roadway Induction lighting luminaires to this project (model#AF-R14 in 40W, 55W, 80W). Not only can Induction lighting save more than 50% of electricity, but also reduces maintenance costs due to its long lifespan of 100,000 hours.

”By providing the most effective and cost efficient solution in lighting, we are proud to have been chosen as the manufacturer of induction lighting systems and fixtures for this project and more cities to come.”, said Michael Ng, The CEO of Amko SOLARA.

*About Optima Energía

Celsol S.A. de C.V. (also known as “Optima Energía”) is a Mexican energy service company that provides energy services including an in-depth analysis of the property, designing an energy efficient solution, installing the required equipment and maintaining the system. Primarily focused on the hotel industry, the company has completed over 100 turnkey projects in hotels in Mexico, saving their clients 50 percent on fuel, electricity and water costs. Additionally, the company is beginning to expand into the public sector and the manufacturing industry. The project will provide the municipality with as much as 60 percent savings in electricity and help communities be more secure with the increase in luminosity.

*About Amko SOLARA

Amko SOLARA Lighting Co., Ltd. has been serving in the energy-efficient lighting space since 2005 as one of the leading businesses promoting induction lighting, LED, and smart control systems. The main features of SOLARA Induction Lighting are long service life to 100,000 hours (twice longer than LEDs), high lumen maintenance, and high color rending index. Those advantages of energy-saving and efficiency lighting offer the best choice to industry and commerce. Amko product categories include street lighting, tunnel lighting, high/low bay lighting, garage lighting, indoor lighting, architecture lighting, and flood lighting. The SOLARA smart control & monitoring system fully integrates induction lamps with additional energy-saving functions such as dimming, photocell, and infrared sensor. This system can be customized for both indoor and outdoor application. It offers smart energy management, equipment monitoring, and maintenance detection in one integrated turnkey solution to easily achieve the objectives of reducing energy consumption, operating costs, and CO2 emissions.


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