Major Manuel Añorve: A New Lighting Program for Acapulco, Mexico


Mayor of Acapulco, Manuel Añorve Baños, kicks off the program on November 14th 2011 for the modernization of 45,000 public streetlights in the Town of Renaissance.

Select citizens join the steering committee to provide continued supervision and maintenance of this program that generates annual savings of $36 million pesos, resulting in a 51% energy reduction and environmental benefits to the municipality.

"We will turn the City of Acapulco into an energy saving, sustainable municipality that preserves the environment." said Mayor Añorve Baños. The installation of new induction streetlights will be completed over the next 6 months.

The Mayor returned to the Town of Renaissance late in the evening to fully appreciate the visual change in the quality of light, thus improving public safety for the community, as a main objective outlined in Operation “Guerrero Seguro” (Translation: “The Safety War”).

To monitor performance post-installation, members of the supervision committee will monitor the streetlights via the SOLARA smart control & monitoring system.

On behalf of the residents Renaissance, Mr. Federico Morales Renteria thanked the mayor for improving the lives of the local community by upgrading the public streetlights.

"We thank you for providing enhanced lighting that result in fewer accidents and increased sense of security in Acapulco.  Most of all, as the leader of Transportation Department in Renaissance, I thank you on behalf of all my colleagues for a better and safer street condition." said Mr. Morales Renteria.

The event was attended by Oscar Hernández Salgado, public service coordinator, and other operational managers of the city. 

This project helps Acapulco government save USD44.28 million in 10 years. Compared with prior lamps, it saves 79% and 38,500 tons of CO2 saved over 10 years.



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