Streetlight Outage that went unrepaired for 3 months was a critical factor that contributed to an English man's untimely death in a traffic accident (Taipei, Taiwan)



The SOLARA Smart Control System that tracks lamp performance and status in real-time could have forecasted and detected lamp outages and dispatched repair technicians accordingly to minimize service down time. Surveillance features such as ⋯⋯CCTV can also be integrated.

AMKO SOLARA’s Smart Induction Streetlight System is the best turnkey solution for roadway application as it accomplishes the following top objectives of any public administrators:
• Improves visual acuity & safety through enhanced illumination.
• Provides real-time monitor and tracking of lamp performance and operation status.
• Decreases energy consumption attributed by induction’s 100k hour lifespan. Additional savings generated from scheduled dimming.
• Lowers maintenance costs

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