Linear Dimming

The buildings that we live, work and grow up in are updated today with new technologies to reduce the amount of energy that is wasted. With 30% of the energy use in lighting, dimmable ballast is the best solution to make our buildings more efficient and it is quickly becoming a required feature so the users can have that control back in their hands.

SOLARA is one of the only two brands of induction systems that is dimmable - we have developed a method to linearly dim the light down to 30%. You can integrate building systems and smart artificial intelligence controls such as photo sensors to control these lamps. For instance, the user can set the lamps to 50% during the morning, where a decent amount of sunlight comes through the windows and penetrates the entire building. At evening, the setting is turned up to 100%. When nobody is in the building at night, the system can have the lights set at 30% at the light ordinance requirement.
1. Cutting edge technology, allowing the light to operate between 40% to 100% of the input wattage.
2. CRI improves by ~3%
3. CCT fluctuations within 3%
4. Available in several interfaces:
● 0-10V
● Motion sensor <50%~100%>
● Lon over power line
● Build-in timer
● BMS(Building Management System)
● Photocell
Test example:400W Square-Tubular Induction
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