What is Nanoflex®?                 

Nanoflex® is a product of nano-scale advanced material research. It is a highly reflective and diffusive optical coating. Its total reflectance (SCI) and diffuse reflectance (SCE) are measured to be up to 95% and 94% respectively in the visible spectrum.

Nanoflex® Optical Reflector

Nanoflex® optical reflector is a result of advanced material research in Hong Kong. The optical coating on Nanoflex® provides ideal diffusive and reflective surface to capture light rays from any light source to enhance illumination.

Nanoflex® Optical Reflector is designed to cater the needs of end users to perform energy-efficient lighting retrofits, which enables energy savings while fulfilling the luminous standards.

• Cost Effective and reduces lighting energy consumption up to 50%.
• Can be used with existing luminaire without the need for further capital expenditure.
• Efficiently reflects the light back to workspace.
• Enhances the efficiency of existing fluorescent tube by up to 40%.
• Up to 10 years of performance consistency.
• Enhance luminance in climate controlled environments without increasing heat source from
electrical parts, thus further reducing air-conditioning load to enhance energy savings.
• Safe and simple installation, minimal maintenance required.
• Perfectly complement energy-efficient lighting solutions such as induction, T5, T8, and T10
fluorescent lamps, which are commonly used in commercial buildings and offices, industrial
building and factories, hotels, government buildings and schools, hospitals and healthcare



• Nanoflex® is coated with efficient photometric diffusing material on molded metal alloy that 
  maximizes photometric performance.
• Nanoflex® has total reflectance of 95% while the distinguished diffuse reflectance is 94% in 
  visible wavelength. While combined with high performance light source such as induction,
  light performance is significantly enhanced.
• Nanoflex® is heated resistant up to 400°C and does not contain any hazardous substance.
• Nanoflex® has been tested for its durability, safety, eco-friendliness and photometric 


Application on Induction Streetlight

Nanoflex® Optical Coating

Small Particles, Big Impact
Nanoflex® Optical Coating is a proprietary UV-resistant eco-friendly material that provides an ideal reflective and diffusive surface that enhances illumination efficiency and uniformity. Nanoflex® Optical Coating has properties such as anti-weathering and acid resistance, improving service life and reducing life-cycle material costs.
Nanoflex® Optical Coating is a proprietary UV-resistant eco-friendly material giving ideal reflective and diffusive surface for enhancing illumination efficiency and uniformity. Nanoflex® Optical Coating possesses the properties of weathering and acid resistance, improving service life and reduces life-cycle material costs.


High Reflectance and Diffusion
Nanoflex® Optical Coating has distinguished properties when it comes to the reflection of a visible light source. Its 95% Total Reflectance and 94% Diffuse Reflectance in visible light range represent a new choice of reflective material for conventional and contemporary lighting applications.

The comparison of Total Reflectance and Diffuse Reflectance of the Coating and Conventional Aluminum Reflection Panel is shown as follows:

The Total Reflectance refers to the total amount of light reflected from a surface as a percentage of the incoming light. High Total Reflectance means a low reflectance loss as Nanoflex® Optical Coating can reflect almost 95% of total amount of incoming light with only 5% of reflectance loss. On the other hand, Conventional Aluminum Reflection Panel can have light loss of more
than 20%.

Nanoflex® Optical Coating generates better lighting quality on uniformity and color rendering due to its excellent high Diffuse Reflectance and steady performance over the visible light range. A coating with High Diffuse Reflectance will reflect light in broader directions, thus better uniformity. Nanoflex® Optical Coating can provide a broader angle of illumination for luminaire and better uniformity for the environment. Conventional Aluminum Reflection Panel reflects light with narrow angles because of its single digit Diffuse Reflectance of 8% or less.

Nanoflex® Optical Coating has a better color rendering than Conventional Aluminum Reflection Panel. The figure to the right illustrates that Nanoflex® Optical Coating reflects light effectively with wavelength from 400nm to 760nm. Total Reflectance varies with wavelengths for Conventional Aluminum Reflection Panel, which will weaken the color rendering of objects under the same light source.

Substrate Material - Consistent Performance across Different Substrate Materials

The performance of Nanoflex® Optical Coating relies on its nano-scale surface structure. Hence it delivers consistent performance across various backing materials such as metals, fabrics, plastics and even water-proof papers.

Nanoflex® Optical Sheet

Nanoflex® - A95 combines aluminum sheet with Nanoflex®, Optical Coating is an excellent material for all types of luminaire applications.


• Up to 95% of total reflectance and 94% diffuse reflectance
• Heat resistant up to 400°C
• Resistant to weathering and acid
• Resistant to yellowing, dirt and mold growth
• Water-resistant
• No residual odor
• Easy to clean, minimal maintenance required
• Eco-friendly

Photometric Performance

Nanoflex® Optical Reflector provides up to 20% better lumens and efficiency as well as 12% better diffusion than ordinary Aluminum Reflector.



Nanoflex® is an eco-friendly material with the following international standards and recognitions:
• Spectral Reflectance Measurement - by TUV-PSB
• Brifish Standard 476 Part 6&7 - by TUV-PSB
• UV Aging Test - by WELLAB
• Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS) - by Bureau Veritas
• GREEN LABEL - by Green Council of HKSAR


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