Technological Advantages of Amko SOLARA


At Amko SOLARA, we are the only international brand that still manufactures the glass lamp in-house - from the coating of the phosphor powder, the tube sealing, the vacuuming process, and finally the mixture of gases are all done by equipment that we’ve designed from the ground up inside our own facility. 

We have a very strict control process and state of the art facility designed and improved upon decades of experience by the veterans of the lighting industry world.  From the design of our signature amalgam reservoir and auxiliary reservoir to the unique magnet selection, these are the very details that proudly places Amko SOLARA’s induction lamps at the highest quality levels and in the field performances worldwide.  From the scorching deserts of Abu Dhabi to the humid coastlines of Belize, our lamps has tolerated the harshest climates nature can throw at them.

With more than 300,000 units installed worldwide, Amko SOLARA’s induction lighting system is the world’s most popular induction lighting system and has been operating over 3.2 billion hours combined.



We are also the only manufacturer that offers both an in house generator/ballast and a high performance OEM’ed generator/ballast exclusively integrated with LonWork controls and networking for those customers that opt for a fully dimmable, controllable lighting system from the box. 

Designed with the highest rated components on an unique IC board with redundancies and load sharing built in, our generators outlasts the competition and offers a truly 100,000 hour lifespan.  MTBF’s of 120,000 hours was the origin of our design, but in the end we’ve increased that to 150,000 hours.

Our generators provides a realistic lifespan of 100,000 hours like no other. 



Our rugged IP65 fixtures feature a simple yet practical design to help heat dissipation at the generators, which are mounted directly above the heat sinks.  With the fins facing down towards the road, our heat sinks will not fail from debris accumulation or degradation by erosion.  The entire fixture is made for easy cleaning and to outlast our own lighting system.

The reflectors are formed to bring fixture efficiencies to the highest level amongst induction lighting competition.  Our exclusive optics are designed to give the widest distribution any induction lighting systems have achieved, meeting all road lighting regulations worldwide such as RP-8 and CIE 140, while maximizing uniformity and minimizing upward light loss.

Semi cutoff Dark Sky certified lens option also available.


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