Echelon LonWorks®Platform For Control Networking
LonWorks® 2.0 is a true control networking platform for creating smart control infrastructures in cities, utilities, industrial and residential buildings by simultaneously connecting them to each other, to the electricity grid, and to the internet.
i.LON SmartServer 2.0
Echelon's i.LON SmartServer 2.0 is a versatile smart energy manager that connects to IP-based applications such as enterprise energy management, demand response programs, streetlight management systems, and high-value remote asset management programs. The server not only has built-in monitoring and control applications (scheduling, alarm management, data logging, etc.), it also allows the user to analyze the captured data to implement energy saving initiatives, improve operations, and lower maintenance costs.
Smart Energy Management Solution
● Enterprise energy management
● Demand response
● High-value remote asset management

● Saves energy
● Improves operations
● Reduces maintenance costs
● Leverages legacy equipment

Echelon i.LON SmartServers communicate with individual streetlights directly through existing power lines and with a central server wirelessly through GPRS technology.
Streetlight.Vision Monitoring Software
STREETLIGHT.VISION (SLV) is designed to control and monitor virtually any streetlight monitoring technology, should it be based on powerline communication or radio-frequency communication. The SLV Software enables the user to easily and automatically configure the segment controller (i.LON Smartserver) and streetlight controllers to collect and aggregate all data from each streetlight, provide WebApps to analyze energy consumption and failure/maintenance requirements, as well as real-time remote access to control each streetlight.
Benefits of the SOLARA Smart Control & Monitoring System
Centralized management:
   Enables real-time control & monitoring via a web portal to increase productivity.
Eco-friendly: Dramatically reduce energy use, CO2 emissions, and light pollution.
Lower maintenance & operating costs: Networked system is programmed to automatically detect  
& diagnoselamp outages and dispatch repair crew to minimize service downtime.
Saves electricity: Programmable scheduled dimming offers a simple and cost-effective solution to
   reduce energy consumption and increase lamp life expectancy.
Security and safety: Real-time, 24/7 round-the-clock monitoring for all emergency response
   protocols (ex. typhoon, earth quake, etc.)
Analytics and reporting: – Current and past performance data are archived for analysis – Inquire  
   the database to generate reports – Export reports to PDF, Excel, CSV.
Scalable solution: Easily configured to expand capabilities (ex. CCTV, weather thermometer, etc.).
Simple installation: User-friendly configuration software allowing for a simple, rapid,
   and lean installation process.

Metrics tracked: voltage, current, generator temperature, operating hours, energy consumption, on/off status, failure reporting, and so forth.


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