Smart Streetlights — The next generation of municipal lighting
Most cities have not updated their street lighting infrastructure in decades. Instead, they rely on lamp technology that’s as much as 100 years old. AMKO, together with Echelon and Street Light Vision, is bringing street lighting into the modern age. Not only do Induction lights provide enormous energy efficiency improvements over conventional lamps, but the power of networking and dimming offered through the Echelon technology, brings 21st century Smart Grid readiness to your street lighting infrastructure.
● 50% Energy efficiency improvement compared to HPS
   and MHI lamps.
● Instantaneous dimming to 50%
● 60,000 hour standard warranty, extendable to 100,000 hrs
● No glare
● Adjustable brightness level appropriate to ambient weather,
   save energy.
● Superior colour rendering.
How it Works:
Echelon's iLON SmartServers (segment controllers) manage both the individual lights and connect to the city's control center. A standard IP connection, such as a GPRS modem or a city WiFi, allows access to the streetlight segments for remote monitoring and control. The i.LON SmartServer communicates over the city's existing power lines to controllers in the individual lights; this eliminates the need for new wiring and lowers installation costs. compared to HPS and MHI lamps.
The AMKO induction lights communicate with the SmartServer through the PL transceiver embedded directly into the ballast. This network is fully integrated into the Streetlight Vision management software. This then allows for remote control and monitoring via a web portal from the city control center.

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